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How to do
Daily Conversation
in English
for Speaking

Conversations help students to improve their fluency in English. It helps students to get habituated to common English sentences. Students need to learn such sentences which are easy to speak and also easy to understand. The conversation is said to be successful when the speaker can convey the expression to the listener and the listener can understand the message conveyed by the speaker to respond suitably. The purpose of the daily conversation between characters is to share their emotions and express their thoughts, therefore it is very important to use simple words while constructing sentences because ornamental words may be more appropriate for writing a script but not so suitable for oral communication. The intention of verbal communication is not to bamboozle the listener but rather to seek an active response from the listener.

Here are daily conversations for the students to practice. Students have to read and understand those and they have to practice those by themself in front of the mirror to play those characters' roles.

Take a Note: For the best result, it is advised to find a partner and play those character roles with the partner. The partner can be your friend, brother, sister, guardian, or anybody else with whom you feel comfortable speaking English.

Here are Conversations to follow:-

Conversation in English between Home Tutor and Student Example-1

Teacher : Have you understood the lesson?
Student : No Mam;
I could not understand the lesson.
Teacher : Why have you not understood?
Student : It was a tough topic for me.
Teacher : It was not a tough topic.
You did not pay attention.
Student : Sorry mam;
Please explain the topic to me again.
Teacher : This is the last time I am going to explain it.
Student : Ok mam;
I will pay attention and understand the topic.
Teacher : Sun rises from the east because the earth is revolving around the sun.
Student : Now I have understood.
Teacher : You say now.
Where does the sun set?
Student : Mam;
You have not taught me that.
So you teach me first and then you ask me.
Teacher : Sun sets in the west.
Student : Yes;
I have understood.
Teacher : Do not forget this lesson.
Student : I will not forget ever in my life.

Conversation in English between Home Tutor and Student Example-2

Teacher : Have you completed the home task?
Student : I am sorry sir;
I have not completed my home task.
Teacher : Why have you not completed your home task?
Student : I felt very sleepy after you had left me yesterday.
Teacher : I left you at half past eight and did you sleep immediately after I left?
Student : I thought about taking a nap for ten to fifteen minutes but I was so tired that I went into a deep sleep and my mom called me at 15 past 10 for dinner.
Teacher : When did you wake up in the morning?
Student : Once I woke up early in the morning.
Teacher : Why did you not study in the morning?
Student : As I went to sleep early last night, I woke up very early in the morning at a sharp 4 'O' clock.
Teacher : You have got enough time before going to your school then why have you not done it?
Student : My mom and dad were sleeping and I felt not to disturb them because they have to work very hard the whole day so I let them sleep.
Teacher : I could not understand the relation of completing your home task with your parents sleeping for an extra one or two hours.
Will you explain it to me, how is that related?
Student : If I had switched on the light then they would have woken up very early in the morning at 4 P.M.
Teacher : OK;
complete the task right now before me.

Conversation in English between Home Tutor and Student Example-3

Teacher : Show me your copy.
Student : Here is the copy.
Teacher : How many mistakes have you made?
Just see it.
Student : Sorry;
next time I shall be more careful while doing it.
Teacher : How many times do you say sorry?
Have you ever counted the number of times you say it?
Student : Sorry sir;
I will pay much more attention in my study.
Teacher : Why do you not put a full spot after ending a sentence?
How many times do I need to repeat the same thing again and again?
Student : I am Sorry sir;
I forgot to put a full stop after the end of a sentence.
Teacher : You count the number of times you say sorry.
Student : Next time I shall surely keep in my mind to end the sentence with a full stop.
Teacher : What is there outside of the window?
Student : Nothing is there outside of the window.
Teacher : Then why are you looking outside of the window?
Student : No sir;
I am not looking outside of the window.
Teacher : Do not tell lies to me;
Tell me the truth;
Is anybody waiting there outside the window?
Student : My friends are playing in the park.
So I can see from the window that Rohit is delivering the ball to Prakesh.
Teacher : First you complete this chapter correctly then I will leave you to play cricket with them.
Student : Yes sir;
I will complete this chapter now.

Conversation in English between School Tutor and Student Example-1

Teacher : (Rohit was peeping under the bench when the teacher entered the classroom)
Come here;
Can you not see me?
I am in.
Rohit : Suraj took my pencil box and I was asking him to return it to me before you enter the class.
Teacher : When you saw me entering the class then you should have been standing with all other students.
Rohit : Suraj returned me the pencil box at the same time when you entered inside.
Teacher : So what;
What has made you bend down and hide yourself under the bench like scopophobia?
Rohit : No mam;
I was not hiding myself, rather I was picking my pencil box from the ground which had fallen when Suraj had returned it to me.
Teacher : How has it fallen suddenly?
Rohit : When he returned it to me then I could not hold it properly so it fell down under the bench.
Teacher : Next time you should be very careful, when any teacher enters the classroom then you should stand up and welcome the teacher with a smile on your face by saying good morning or good afternoon.
Rohit : I always stand up and smile when the teacher enters.
Teacher : Do you not greet your teacher by saying good morning or good afternoon?
Rohit : How can the teacher listen to me and distinguish my voice from other students?
If I say anything to the teacher when everyone shouts so loudly then the teacher cannot hear me separately.
Therefore I do not greet the teacher along with other students.
Teacher : You must repeat with them;
it is etiquette.
Rohit : OK;
I understood.
But when do I need to say good morning and when should I say good afternoon?
Teacher : Do you not know this simple thing?
You are reading in class five.
Rohit : Sorry;
I do not know this, I just follow what my friends do.
Teacher : You should say good morning in the first four periods before the tiffin break because those classes are taken between 9 AM mornings to 12 PM afternoons.
After the tiffin break you should say good afternoon.
Rohit : Now I understand clearly when I should greet our teacher by saying good morning and good afternoon.
Teacher : You must remember it and do not forget it ever.
Rohit : Thank you very much, for letting me know this thing and I promise to you that I will never forget it in life.
Teacher : OK;
you go and sit in your place.
Rohit : If you do not mind, may I ask you a question?
Teacher : You may ask but only one question and not even two.
Rohit : Yes I will ask only one.
When should we say good evening and good night?
Teacher : You need not say good evening and night in the school because our school ends sharp at 3 PM afternoons.
Rohit : I still want to know this;
if you tell me this then it will be so kind of you.
Teacher : There is no fixed time to say evening or night, for someone it may be between 4 PM to 8 PM and for someone it can also be from 6 PM till bedtime.
It depends on the individuals, places and seasons.

Conversation in English between School Tutor and Student Example-2

Student : (he is standing at the door)
May I come in mam?
Teacher : No;
Stand there and you tell me now.
Why are you so late today?
Student : My cycle front tire got punctured on my way to school from my home.
I had to find a cycle repairing shop to get my cycle tire repaired.
So it has taken some time.
Teacher : From which cycle repairing shop have you got your punctured repaired?
Student : It is about five minutes away from here in the straight way to the station.
Teacher : OK;
I understand that it is Ravida's cycle repairing shop.
Student : May be;
I did not ask his name.
Teacher : There is only one cycle repairing shop in the straight way across the station from here.
It was certainly his repair shop.
Why have you not kept the cycle there?
You would have taken it after school gets off, at the time of returning home.
Student : At that moment it did not come into my mind otherwise I would have kept it over there.
Teacher : When did you leave your house today for school?
Student : I departed at half past nine for school.
Teacher : Why have you departed so late today?
Student : Every day I leave my house at the same time.
Teacher : Why do you not leave your house ten minutes earlier?
Student : My mom cooks food and prepares tiffin a little late.
Teacher : Do not give these silly excuses.
Student : No mam;
I am not giving any excuse.
Teacher : OK;
you call your mom tomorrow, I will speak to her.
Student : She cannot come here at school to talk with you.
Teacher : Why can she not come to school?
Student : Because she goes to her office much before I leave the house for school.
Teacher : When does she return home from her office?
Student : She returns home in the evening after I return home from school.
Teacher : Give me her contact number.
I shall call her right now.
Student : I do not remember her mobile number.
Teacher : Do not say now that you had never called her to that number before.
Student : I called her number several times but the number is saved in my mobile with the name mom.
I do not need to remember her number.
Teacher : Show me your mobile and let me have her number.
Student : How can I carry a mobile in the school?
It is restricted for students to carry it in the school.
If I had carried then you only would have punished me.
Teacher : Very smart;
Come inside the class and go to your seat.
Student : Thank you very much.

Conversation in English between Son and Mother Example-1

Mother : When did you wake up?
Son : I woke up just now.
Mother : Did you brush your teeth today?
Son : Yes mom;
I brush my teeth every day.
Mother : Did you go to the latrine early in the morning?
Son : No mom;
I did not go today.
Mother : Why did you not go today?
Son : I do not have pressure today.
Mother : Why did you not try?
Son : I did potty yesterday.
Mother : Still you should go and sit on the comot now.
Son : It will waste my time.
I do not have any pressure at all.
Mother : Everyone must try for the potty early in the morning.
It is good manners.
Whether you have pressure or not, still you try now.
Son : (he goes to the bathroom)
Now I feel pressure after sitting on the comot pan.
Mother : Yes;
Good boy;
Do you understand now?
Why did I tell you to try it every morning?
Son : Yes;
I understood very well.
Mother : That is how we clear our belly every day.
It helps us to stay well otherwise we may fall sick.

Conversation in English between Son and Mother Example-2

Mother : Set the alarm to half past five.
Son : Why mom?
Every day the alarm is set to a sharp seven 'O' clock.
Mother : Your new English tuition teacher will come tomorrow early in the morning at sharp six 'O' clock.
Son : Is my new teacher mam or sir?
Mother : She is a lady so you will address her as mam.
Son : Ok mom;
How long will she teach me?
I have school tomorrow.
Mother : She will leave you at half past seven.
Son : When will I have my breakfast?
Mother : After she leaves you then you will have your breakfast.
Son : Our prayer starts at a quarter past eight and before that we have to reach the school ground and take our position in the queue.
Mother : Breakfast will be kept ready on the table and you generally take not more than fifteen minutes to finish your breakfast.
Then we will leave for the school from here and I will drop you to the school before ten past eight.
Son : I have to brush my hair and I have to wear my school dress also.
Mother : That is why;
I told you to set the alarm to half past five so that you can go to the washroom and get yourself completely ready for school before she comes.
Son : OK;
Now I understand;
Let me set the alarm.
Mother : From today;
You go about one hour early to bed.

Conversation in English between Son and Mother Example-3

Mother : Beta;
Make your bed fast.
Change the bed cover and also change the pillow cover.
Son : Two weeks back I had changed all these.
These are not looking dirty also;
So why are you asking me to change all these?
Mother : Guests will come today to see your elder sister.
Son : Why will they come for what purpose?
Mother : She is twenty four years old now.
Your father and I have decided to get her married.
Son : When have you got married?
Mother : I got married at the early sixteen with your father.
Son : Were you not studying at that time?
Mother : Yes;
We both were studying in class eleven and we were very good friends also.
Our parents had come to know about our friendship and they decided to get us married.
Son : Did you leave your studies after marriage?
Mother : No my dear.
My father-in-law, who is your grandfather, is a great human being and he not only pushed me to complete my schooling but he also encouraged me to continue my graduation and post-graduation.
Son : Did you not do a job after that?
Mother : Yes I had been doing it for six years before your elder sister was born?
Son : Did you not continue later when she grew up?
Mother : No;
I did not continue the job.
I had started the business of readymade female garments in a rented shop at Uttarpara.
Son : Why did you not continue that?
Mother : Because of you only?
Son : Me;
But how could I be responsible for you to discontinue your running business?
Mother : You were born six years after your elder sister was born and I had to look after you.
Son : Was there no one to take care of mine?
Mother : Both of your grandmother and grandfather were taking very good care of you but you were very naughty in your childhood.
So they could not govern you to teach you a hard lesson to stop you from being naughty.
Son : What wrong have I done?
Mother : Once you had pushed your grandfather from the stairs and he rolled down five stairs.
Son : Had he got injured?
Mother : He had got a hairline fracture in his right leg and he had also got hurt in his forehead, it was bleeding badly.
Son : What did I do then?
Mother : You were smiling and jumping down from every alternate staircase with a khunti in your hand.
Son : Did you see me doing that?
Mother : I came to know from your elder sister.
Son : How could you trust her?
If she told a lie about me.
Mother : I have given birth to both of you?
You do not come to teach me that, who is how?
Son : I am sorry.
Mother : You better be sorry.
Do what I said to you.
Son : What did you say?
Mother : Change the pillow and bed cover.
Son : Yes;
I am doing it fast.
Mother : (he changed these covers)
Good job beta;
Today I will cook a surprise for your breakfast.

Conversation in English between Son and Mother Example-4

Son : (they are going to a cousin's house)
Let us go by taxi.
Mother : No;
We will go by train.
Son : We still have to take an auto or a rickshaw from the Bally station to reach Masir Bari.
Mother : Yes;
Whatever will be available there that we will take from there.
Son : Mom;
So, why not book a taxi or an OLA cab to go there without any break journey.
Mother : No son;
Both taxis and cabs are too expensive for us to afford, so you go to the railway ticket counter and stand in the queue to get two tickets for us.
Son : Where will you go?
Mother : I will not go anywhere.
I have pain in my knee, so I will sit here.
Son : OK;
Give me money for two tickets.
Mother : I do not have change.
Take this hundred rupees note and you ask for two Bally return tickets, it will be twenty rupees.
Son : Mom;
Do they give me a hundred rupees change for only two tickets of ten each?
Mother : Yes;
They may give;
You ask once.
Son : If they refuse to give, then what shall I do?
Mother : Do not be so pessimistic, always try to be optimistic.
Son : No;
I am just asking that if they refuse then.
Mother : You go to the nearest sweets shop and get the change.
Son : Why will they give me the change if I do not buy the sweets from their shop?
Mother : OK;
Then you will buy five sweets of ten rupees each and get the change and after that you go to the ticket counter and get two Bally return tickets for us.
Son : (it is announced that a down train is arriving soon)
Have you heard the announcement?
Our train is about to arrive on the platform.
Mother : So what;
You get the ticket fast otherwise we are going to miss this train.
Son : Mom;
Let us not get the tickets.
TT never comes to check the tickets.
It is just a waste of money and time.
Mother : Traveling in a train without a legal ticket is a serious offence and once we are caught then we have to pay a hundred times extra fine for that.
Son : Many of my friends do not get their tickets before travelling by train.
Mother : You should never ever dare to think like your friends.
Son : (the sound of the train gradually becomes louder)
Train is arriving on the platform.
If I go now to get tickets then we will miss this one.
Mother : No problem;
We will go by the next train.
Son : But the next train is after half an hour.
Mother : We will wait in the station till then.
You go and get the tickets fast.
Son : (the queue disappeared in front the ticket counter and he have got the tickets)
Here are the tickets.
Mother : Did there arise any issue with the change of hundred?
Son : The booking clerk did not utter a word.
He took the hundred rupees note and returned me the change along with two tickets without any arguments.
Mother : Now;
Have you understood?
Why do I always tell you to think positive?
Son : I was just telling you about the possibilities only.
Mother : That is a negative mentality.
Try to overcome your negative thoughts.
Son : It comes automatically in my mind.
How do I avoid it?
Mother : Stop overthinking then those thoughts will stop arising in your mind.
Let us stop this discussion for the time being.
Come fast on the platform we will get this train.
(the train enters to the station)
Son : (they got into the train and took the corner seats)
Why did I not hear any sound when the train entered the station?
How did you hear it?
Mother : You could not hear because you were thinking too much in fear about different possibilities and I was not thinking anything unnecessarily.
Son : Once you just assume that if they had refused to give a hundred rupees change then what would have we done?
Mother : We would think then and not now without any reason.
Why do we spoil the present moments by thinking about uncertain consequences and possibilities of the future happenings?

Conversation in English between Son and Mother Example-5

Mother : Wake up from the bed Rahul;
Will you not go to school?
Rahul : Let me sleep for another half an hour.
Mother : You will get late for school.
Rahul : What is the time now?
Mother : It is half past six.
Rahul : School will start at sharp eight 'O' clock.
I have enough time to sleep more.
Mother : No;
Get up from the bed and go to the washroom.
Brush your teeth, clear your belly and be fresh.
Rahul : (he woke up from the bed)
I will not go to school today.
Mother : What are you saying?
Why will you not go to school?
Rahul : Sumitra mam will punish me.
Mother : Why will she give you punishment?
Rahul : I have not completed the mathematics homework.
Mother : What?
Why have you not told me last evening?
Rahul : I have forgotten to tell you.
Mother : How could you forget that?
Rahul : You told me to complete English literature.
Mother : You completed that quite early and after that you have started playing games on your dad's mobile phone.
Rahul : I thought;
I would do it early in the morning today.
Mother : If you have thought that then why were you sleeping?
Rahul : Sorry mom;
Mother : What sorry;
Rahul : Please leave me today.
Mother : No;
I will not spare you.
You go to school and face the consequences.
Rahul : Sumitra mam will keep me standing on the bench;
Holding the ears before other boys and girls.
Mother : So what;
You stand and accept the punishment.
Rahul : No;
All the girls will laugh at me.
Mother : That will be very nice;
Once you will feel shame for your deed then you will remember it your whole life.
Next time you are not going to repeat this.
Rahul : No mom;
I promise you that from next time I will be very serious about doing my home task.
Mother : If I leave you today then you will definitely forget it.
Rahul : No;
I will not forget ever in my life.
Mother : Do not dare to test my patience.
Now I will give you a tight slap.
Rahul : (he became little afraid and went to the washroom)
Ok mom;
I am going to get myself ready.
Mother : (after fifteen minutes)
How long will you take to complete your natural work?
Rahul : I have pain in my belly.
So my potty has not been solid today.
It is not yellow;
a little discolored.
Mother : You come out, do not pour water;
Let me observe it.
Rahul : But it is bad manners;
The teacher taught me in school.
Mother : Making such excuses is the worst manner.
Rahul : No;
I am not giving excuses.
Mother : I told you know;
You come out from the toilet.
I am not going to repeat further.
Rahul : (he came out from the washroom disappointedly)
Ok mom;
I will go to the school with pain in my belly.
Mother : That is better.
Rahul : What will I have in tiffin today?
Mother : You have pain in your belly now.
So I will give you rice and boiled potato with a little salt.
Rahul : But how can I carry rice in school?
Mother : Why?
Rahul : I have never seen anybody carrying rice in school.
Mother : So what?
You will carry today.
They did not have pain in their belly ever.
Rahul : My friend mukesh;
Once had pain in his belly.
Doctor suggested that he eat noodles.
Mother : If you do not stop this nonsense immediately then I will not give you breakfast.
I have prepared egg toast for breakfast.
Rahul : Yes I am coming to the breakfast table.
(he sat on a chair in-front of the table)
Mother : Have this;
This is your tiffin;
I prepared pizza today.
Rahul : (he kissed her)
Thank you very much mom.

Conversation in English between Brother and Sister

Sister : (Shouting from her room)
Please come into my room once.
Brother : (Shouting from his room)
I am busy studying.
You tell me what is the matter.
Sister : (Shouting from her room)
You come for two minutes.
It is not going to spoil your study.
Brother : (Shouting from his room)
Do not disturb me.
Let me concentrate on my lesson.
Sister : (sister comes inside brother's room and looks furious)
Can you not come once to my room?
I have been calling you so many times.
Brother : Do you not know?
I have my exam next month.
Sister : The whole day you were playing games on mom's mobile phone and suddenly you became so serious about exams.
Is it not suspicious?
Brother : What do you mean by it?
Sister : Now you tell me.
Where is my new automatic pencil box?
Brother : How do I know that?
Sister : Do not lie to me.
Brother : I do not tell lies.
Sister : Return it immediately.
Brother : Have you gone mad?
I do not need that automatic pencil box from you.
Sister : I am telling you for the last time.
Otherwise, no one will be worse than me.
Brother : Father has given me one also.
Why would I take your thing?
Sister : Because that is your habit to take my things.
Brother : Why are you telling lies?
When have I taken your things?
Sister : Every time;
When our father gets me something new then you want to have it.
Last time you stole my tiffin box.
Which was discovered by mom behind your study self.
Will you deny this?
Brother : Only once have I taken your tiffin box because father has not given me such a beautiful tiffin box.
And I would have returned it to you after carrying tiffin once at school.
Sister : Disgusting;
I do not want to talk with you.
Let me search your room.
Brother : You are welcome.
You search;
I am not going to stop you.
Sister : (she searched thoroughly but could not find it)
Brother, you tell me;
Where have you kept it?
Brother : You searched everywhere but could not find it.
So do not tell me anything.
Do not disturb me any further.
Sister : I know that you have taken it.
You must have hidden it somewhere.
Brother : How can you say this?
Have you not searched every corner?
Is there any place left to search?
You go and search for it there.
Sister : I have not searched inside the bathroom.
It is left to search.
Now I will search there.
Brother : Are you crazy?
Does anyone keep anything inside the bathroom?
Sister : Do not think yourself too clever.
Last time you hid my yellow pen inside the bathroom and that is also behind the flash.
Brother : Have you seen me keeping that behind the flash?
Sister : If not you then who else has done it?
Brother : How do I know that?
I have not done it that is for sure.
Sister : Had the pen got legs to move there by itself?
Brother : I do not know.
May be;
Or father might have kept it there so that you would not damage it.
Sister : Now you do not spoil my mood by saying this nonsense.
Brother : Search in the washroom and get yourself satisfied.
Sister : (she searched but could not find it there)
Let father return home then I will complain to him.

Conversation in English between Two Friends at School

Rohit : Rajib;
Did you come yesterday at school?
Rajib : Yes;
I came yesterday.
You did not come.
Why did you not come yesterday?
Rohit : Yesterday;
I went to my cousin's house in Uttarpara.
Rajib : Susmita mis gave a complete mathematics suggestion for the annual examination.
Rohit : Show me the suggestion.
Rajib : Here is the mathematics suggestion.
Rohit : Please give your copy for one day.
I will return your copy tomorrow.
Rajib : No;
I cannot give you my copy to take to your home.
I have to study it at home.
Rohit : You give me your copy for just one day.
I will return it to you at this time tomorrow.
Rajib : How can you return it tomorrow?
Today is Friday.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Our school remains closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Rohit : Oh!! Know;
Today is Friday.
I could not remember it.
But still;
You give it to me.
I will return the copy to you on Monday Sharp in the morning when I will come to school.
Rajib : Sorry;
I cannot give it to you for three days.
The Exam is knocking at the door.
I have to prepare myself.
Rohit : It is not for three days.
It is only for two days.
Rajib : It is three days.
Friday is today, Saturday is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is Sunday.
Rohit : Please give it to me.
Otherwise, I will fail the mathematics exam.
Rajib : Why do you not take it from other students?
Rohit : No one will give it to me.
No one other than you is my good friend in school.
That is why I am asking you.
Rajib : If I give you then how will I take my preparation?
You tell me that.
Rohit : You start preparing on Monday evening.
Rajib : Why not take it on Monday?
You take it on Monday before returning home and return it to me on the very next day that is Tuesday.
Rohit : I would have taken it on the coming Monday but I will not come to the school from Tuesday till Thursday.
Now how will I return it then?
Rajib : Why will you not come next week?
Rohit : I will go to my cousin's house with my mother.
Rajib : Which is important?
Your Exam or visiting your cousin's house?
Rohit : My mom will take me there.
Mom has some work with her cousin.
I cannot stay alone without mom at home.
Who will look after me?
Rajib : Why do you not grow up?
You are now ten years old.
Rohit : You tell me when have you stayed at home last time alone without your mother and father?
Rajib : Many times I have stayed without my mother.
Rohit : You had your father to look after you at your home.
Rajib : Where will your father go?
Rohit : My father went out of the station to Delhi for an important office Project for two weeks.
Rajib : OK;
I understand but still, I cannot give my copy to you.
You do one thing.
Rohit : What should I do?
Rajib : You start writing now?
We have two off periods today and between the classes when one teacher leaves and another teacher arrives;
you will get time to write;
So you use this time.
If any portion will be left that you complete on Monday.
Rohit : Yes you told the right so let me start writing now.
Rajib : Do not waste any further time.
Take this copy and start writing.
If you cannot understand any of my handwriting then do not hesitate to ask me.
Rohit : Certainly;
I will not think even twice before asking you.
You are my childhood friend and my best friend also.

Conversation in English between Librarian and new Member

New Member : Excuse me, sir;
Librarian : Yes;
How may I help you?
New Member : I would like to be a new member of your library.
So please let me know about the formalities.
Librarian : You need to bring a copy of any authorized identity card along with the original one for verification and you also have to bring two passport-size photos that have been picked within the last six months.
New Member : Yes sir;
I have my aadhaar card copy along with the original one and I have my passport-size photos with me and those were captured last evening.
So, if you please proceed with all formalities then it will be so nice of you.
Librarian : You take this form, fill up all blanks with your correct details, attach a copy of your aadhar card, and paste your passport photos in the boxes that you will find in this form.
You have to pay a thousand rupees as a security deposit and that will be kept with us until you decide to discontinue the membership.
New Member : Certainly sir;
You please give me ten minutes and let me complete this form.
Librarian : You take your time.
Go to that table and be comfortable.
New Member : (return to the desk after completing the form)
Here I have completed the form and here is the copy of my aadhaar.
Librarian : You show me your original aadhaar for verification.
New Member : Here is that please do it.
Librarian : Yes it is almost done.
How will you pay the security money?
Cash or Online
New Member : I have only five hundred in cash that you accept please and another five hundred I will pay through Paytm.
Librarian : No;
That will not do.
You pay the full amount either in cash or Paytm.
New Member : OK;
I will pay the full amount through Paytm.
Where is the barcode?
Librarian : Here is the barcode.
New Member : Sir please check it;
Payment has been made.
Librarian : Yes;
You come tomorrow to receive your Library card because it will take a day to get prepared.
New Member : (on next day)
Excuse me;
Yesterday I got myself registered as a member of your library but I did not get the library card.
You told me to come today to receive it.
Librarian : What is your name?
New Member : I am Rohit Gupta.
Librarian : Wait for a minute;
Let me find it out from here.
Here is your library card.
New Member : Thank you very much;
Librarian : You are always welcome.
New Member : May I take a book now?
Librarian : Definitely;
All books are yours.
New Member : I need a class-XII physics book written by Thoms.
Librarian : OK;
Let me check in the system if it has not been taken by anybody else or not.
All three copies have been taken and one of those will be returned the day after tomorrow.
You come on Friday afternoon.
New Member : I cannot wait as my exam is knocking at the door;
Can you give me any other physics books?
Librarian : Wait for a minute.
The book is written by Jason;
Will it be ok for you?
Or not;
New Member : I do not have any other option now.
So I will manage with that.
Librarian : You take it and do your signature in this register and return this within seven days.
You have to pay ten rupees for every book that you will take from time to time.
If you fail to return within seven days then an additional fifty rupees fine will be added to it.
New Member : Ok sir I will keep it in my mind.
Here is your ten rupees.

Conversation in English between Rickshaw Puller & the Passenger

Passenger : (Passenger approach to the Rickshaw puller)
Excuse me dada;
Will you take me to the station?
Rickshaw : Certainly sir;
I have been waiting here since morning for the first passenger and you are here.
Passenger : How much will you take to get to the station?
Rickshaw : It is just fifty rupees, sir.
Passenger : Dada;
Fifty rupees is too much.
I go every day to the station and I used to pay thirty rupees only for the station.
You are new to this stand;
That is why you do not know the fare rate to go to the station.
Rickshaw : No sir;
I am not new here.
I have been pulling the rickshaw since my teenage years after leaving the school at class seven and this is the only stand where I keep my rickshaw.
Passenger : But I have never seen you before in this stand.
Rickshaw : How long have you been taking the rickshaw from here?
Passenger : I have been going to college for the last two years and it is in Kolkata;
So I used to go to the station to get the train every day.
Rickshaw : Which time do you go every day?
Passenger : Every day I move out at quarter past nine sharp from my house to get a rickshaw from this stand.
Rickshaw : But today you came much earlier;
It is ten past six.
Passenger : Today I have to appear for my exam that will start at sharp nine 'O' clock.
Rickshaw : That is why you could not have seen me any day because I come early in the morning and after that, I move here and there with the passengers.
Passenger : OK;
But why are you asking me to pay fifty rupees?
Rickshaw : I know that the fare is thirty rupees but the straightway is blocked due to road construction;
So I have to take you through the rotating long path.
It will take double my time and effort to reach the station;
That is why I have asked you for twenty rupees more.
Passenger : I am a college student and I do not have extra money;
If you take the fare rate then I will go;
Otherwise, I will wait for another rickshaw.
Rickshaw : Ok sir;
You wait for another rickshaw but let me tell you that you have to keep on waiting for hours and you may not reach the examination hall in time.
Passenger : How can you say this to me?
Rickshaw : Because I know that only two other rickshaws come every day early in the morning and both of those rickshaws departed quite early much before you came.
They will return quite late;
You know that because the road is blocked.
Passenger : I have left with enough time for my exam;
So I do not have a problem waiting for any of those rickshaws to return to this stand.
Rickshaw : They are not going to return with an empty rickshaw because they will carry passengers from the station and they will drop them at their destination.
Passenger : Let me see for some more time;
If any rickshaw passes from here then I will go by it.
Rickshaw : They too will take the same fare because they have to cover the same distance to take someone to the station.
Passenger : If you take forty rupees then I will go because I also have to return home after giving my examination and I have limited money with me at this time.
Rickshaw : Ok sir;
As you are requesting me so much then you sit on my rickshaw.
I will take forty rupees.
Let's not return the first passenger.
Passenger : Thank you dada.
Rickshaw : You are always welcome.
Passenger : (on the way to the station through the long route)
Please drive carefully;
The road is very uneven.
You see those big holes and bumpers on the road.
Try to avoid those while riding.
Rickshaw : You do not bother;
I will do my label best otherwise it will damage the tiers of my rickshaw.
Passenger : Yes;
You are just right.
Rickshaw : (finally rickshaw reached the station)
Here is the station.
Passenger : Here you take your fare.
Rickshaw : (passenger has handed hundred rupees)
I do not have any change because you are my first passenger;
I have not done the bouni.
Passenger : Do you not carry change from home?
Rickshaw : No sir;
I do not carry change with me.
Generally, passengers give me change.
You should know that early in the morning we may not have a change of a hundred rupees.
Passenger : Yes I know very well.
Therefore I have been carrying thirty rupees change every day since the first day of my college.
But how do I know that you will ask for an extra ten rupees today?
Rickshaw : OK;
You give thirty rupees then.
It is my bad luck today.
Passenger : Here you take your fare, please.
Do not blame your luck.
I will give you an extra ten rupees tomorrow morning while I will again come to have a rickshaw from this stand because my exam will be continuing for another six consecutive days.
Rickshaw : Thank you very much, sir.
Otherwise, it will be my loss.
Passenger : Do not bother;
I have never kept depriving anybody of their right and this is your right to have it.

Conversation in English between Strangers asking for Address

Stanger : (on the road)
Excuse me, sir;
Do you know this address?
(the address is written on a piece of paper)
Local Person : Yes;
It is written;
Prakash Gupta;
Two Prakash Gupta are staying in Dr. BB Chandra Lane.
Which Prakash Gupta are you asking for the address?
Stanger : I am asking for Prakash Gupta who does business.
Local Person : Both of them do business.
Now you tell a little more specifically about Prakash Gupta.
Whom are you asking for the address?
Stanger : Prakash Gupta does wholesale of all kinds of kid's products like toys, shoes, dresses, and other things.
Local Person : Now I understand;
Which Prakash Gupta are you searching for?
Stanger : If you have understood then please give me the direction of his address.
Local Person : Why did you not call Prakash Gupta to give you directions to his home?
Stanger : I do not have his number.
Local Person : You do not have a number then how do I trust you stranger;
I cannot put him in trouble.
If you have any wrong intention he will be in danger and Prakash is my childhood friend.
Stanger : I do not have any bad intentions.
Local Person : Who is he to you?
Stanger : He is no one to me.
Local Person : Then why are you asking for his address?
Stanger : I will buy some kid's products from him.
Local Person : Where have you come from?
Stanger : I am from Singur.
Local Person : You have come from Singur to Konnagar to buy a kid's product.
Do you not have shops in Singur for kid's products?
Stanger : There is not any wholesale shop for kid's products at Singur and I will buy in bulk for my shop.
Local Person : Where is your shop?
Stanger : My shop is situated on the main road that is just ten minutes away from Singur station.
Local Person : From where have you come to know about Prakash's wholesale business?
Stanger : Once I talked with a delivery boy.
He was delivering kid's products to another retail shop at Singur station.
He does work for Prakash.
He had written the address on a piece of paper.
Local Person : Had he not written you the mobile number of Prakash?
Stanger : No;
He might have forgotten to write the number.
Local Person : How strange?
Did you not ask his name?
Stanger : Whose name are you talking about?
Local Person : Delivery boy's name;
Did you not ask?
Stanger : Yes I have asked.
Local Person : What is his name?
You tell me first because I know the names of all the staff of Prakash.
Stanger : I do not know.
Local Person : Why?
Had he not told you his name?
Stanger : He told me but I have forgotten his name.
Local Person : If you have forgotten the delivery boy's name then how do you remember the name of Prakash?
Stanger : He wrote the name of the owner of the wholesale store on that piece of paper.
You see;
It is in your hand only.
That is the handwriting of that delivery boy.
Local Person : Let me see once more.
I have recognized the handwriting.
The handwriting is of Sumit.
Stanger : Yes sir;
I remember the name now.
It was Sumit.
Local Person : He is a short person of five feet four and he is a little dark in complexion and has curly hair.
Stanger : Yes sir;
You are just right.
Local Person : Please do not mind.
Stanger : No sir;
Why should I mind?
Local Person : I had little doubt.
I have enquired you.
Stanger : I have not minded anything.
Local Person : It is quite difficult to trust anybody at this time because all the bad things are happening.
Stanger : Please do not feel sorry for your deed.
You have done the right thing.
You have ensured your friend's safety.
If I had been in your place then I would do the same thing.
Local Person : Do not mind;
May I ask you one question?
Stanger : Certainly you ask.
Local Person : From where have you been buying Kid's products till now since you have started this business?
Stanger : I have been purchasing products from Barabazar for the last five years and I have been doing this business for the same time.
Now I have come to know from Sumit that Prakash gives the same products but at a cheaper rate compared to the price that I pay to the wholesaler of Barabazar.
Local Person : Yes you are correct;
My friend gives the best quality products at the most affordable rate compared to other dealer's rates.
Stanger : Now will you please show me the direction?
Local Person : It is just five minutes away;
Come with me.

Conversation in English between Customers & Booksellers

Customer : Excuse me, sir;
Booksellers : Yes;
How may I help you?
Customer : I need a class VII Physics book.
Do you have that book in your stall?
Booksellers : We have many class VII Physics books by different publishers and writers.
Would you tell me which writer's book you need then I can show you that?
Customer : I do not have any ideas about the writers and publishers.
So I cannot tell you specifically.
Booksellers : OK;
You need not bother at all.
Let me show you some best writers of class VII Physics books and you may choose one from that.
Customer : Yes;
Sir that will be the best for me.
Booksellers : Give me five minutes and I will return soon with your books from the shelf.
(he searched for books on the shelf and got some books)
Here are four class VII Physics books of the greatest writers in the world.
You choose one of these.
Customer : I need some time before I finalize one to take with me because I will check the index of these books.
I have to compare the syllabus with my exam syllabus because the book that I will be taking must cover my term-end examination syllabus.
Booksellers : Definitely;
You take your time.
Customer : Sir;
May I take these books to my home for one and a half an hour?
I will return all other books after choosing one best for me and I will pay for one book that I will keep with me.
Booksellers : No;
That is not possible.
You have to choose one book right here and you are not allowed to carry a single book at your home without payment of these books.
Customer : Please sir;
It is a matter of one and a half an hour.
You allow me to take these books to my home.
It will take some time for me to choose the right book for me which covers my exam syllabus.
Booksellers : No;
This is just not possible.
If you have to take a book then you choose a book here before me and pay money for the same and then you carry it to your home.
Customer : How do I compare my exam syllabus with the book index?
I do not have the exam syllabus with me now, it is at my home.
That is why I am requesting you to let me carry these books with me to my home.
So that I can match the book content with my syllabus at home.
Booksellers : For the last time I am saying that this is not going to be possible.
If you do not need any books then you may leave.
I do not have enough time to waste for you.
You can see so many customers arrive so I have to serve them with their requirements.
Customer : Sir;
I seriously need this book.
Booksellers : You choose one fast.
Do not take much time.
I also have other customers waiting for books.
Customer : (he picks a book from a desk)
If I pay the price of this book and take it to my home and if I find this book does not cover my exam syllabus then will you take it in return?
Booksellers : No;
I do not take the return of any book.
Before taking any book you have to be confirmed and then you pay the price and take it to your home.
Customer : I will go home once and I will bring my exam syllabus.
So that I can compare it with these books.
Booksellers : OK, you go home and visit again when you get it.
Customer : Please keep these books aside for me.
I will take one of these.
Booksellers : You are not the only customer of our shop.
If another customer asks for the same then I have to show it to them.
Customer : Definitely, you show it to them.
But for the time being you keep it aside until someone asks you for the same books.
Booksellers : Ok I am keeping it aside here.
Customer : I will return soon with the syllabus.
(he returns with the syllabus after one hour)
Here I come with my exam syllabus.
Show me these books.
Booksellers : Here are these books.
Customer : OK;
Let me compare now.
Booksellers : (fifteen minutes pass)
How long will it take you to choose a single book?
Customer : Sir;
You give me another five minutes.
Booksellers : You already have taken fifteen minutes.
But still, another five minutes is given to you.
Customer : (another ten minutes passes)
Can you show me some more class VII Physics books?
Booksellers : (he became furious)
You do not have to take a book.
Return me these books.
You have spoiled my whole evening.
Customer : I am a customer;
It is your duty, you must show me the books.
Booksellers : You do not teach me my duty.
You have been standing here since I opened the shop and another thirty customers have taken their books from then to now.
You have not finished choosing a single book.
Customer : None of these books covers the whole exam syllabus.
That is why I am asking for another one.
Booksellers : (another customer asking for the same book)
You return these books.
I have another customer who will see the same books.
Customer : But I need one book.
Booksellers : You go to another shop and take it.
Customer : (finally he chooses one)
I will buy this one and how much do I pay you?
Booksellers : You pay four hundred and thirty rupees for this one.

Conversation in English between Ticket Checker & Passenger

Ticket Checker : (passenger is passing beside him)
Excuse me;
Show me your ticket.
Passenger : Yes sir;
I will show you.
I kept it inside my pocket.
(he could not find it inside the pocket)
Let me search inside the purse/wallet.
(he could not find there)
Ticket Checker : How long will it take for you to show me the ticket?
Passenger : Yes sir;
I will show you.
Let me search again.
(he started searching again)
Ticket Checker : Stop this pretense.
Why have you not got your ticket?
Passenger : I have my monthly.
Ticket Checker : Then where is it?
Passenger : I carry every day with me on my journey.
Ticket Checker : You are not the first one.
I have been catching twenty to twenty-five passengers like you every day for the last ten years.
All make the same excuse as you are making now.
You do not try to fool me.
Passenger : You believe me, sir.
I carry it regularly.
Ticket Checker : I will believe you.
First, you show me your ticket.
Passenger : I do not get a ticket every day because I do not have time to stand in line in front of the ticket counter.
Once every three months I get it monthly.
Ticket Checker : Show me yours monthly.
Do not waste my time.
Passenger : I might have forgotten to carry it today.
Ticket Checker : You are not the first passenger to say this.
Every day at least ten passengers give this excuse when they are found without carrying the ticket.
Passenger : I am not making excuses.
This is the first time I forgot to carry it.
Every day I carry it.
Why do you not ask me every day when I carry my monthly with me?
Ticket Checker : Will you teach me what should I do?
Passenger : No;
I did not say that.
Ticket Checker : You have not purchased the ticket.
You pay a fine of two hundred and sixty rupees.
Passenger : Why will I pay the fine when I spent money to get my monthly ticket?
Ticket Checker : You show me then.
Your monthly;
Passenger : Just wait;
I will call my mom at home to send me the photo of the monthly on my mobile.
Ticket Checker : OK;
Call her fast and do not waste my time.
Passenger : (calling to his mom at home)
Hello mom;
I left my monthly ticket today at home.
You may find it on my study desk.
(his mom could not find it on the study desk)
You search on the bookshelf.
I just could not remember where I kept it.
(she searched in all possible places but could not find it)
Ticket Checker : Now;
What will you say to me?
Passenger : I do remember now that I was donating ten rupees to an old beggar inside the train compartment and at that time I might have lost my monthly ticket.
Ticket Checker : New excuse;
You have given ten rupees to the beggar but you could not buy a five rupees ticket.
Passenger : How many times do I need to repeat the same thing that I had my monthly which I lost?
Ticket Checker : Do not shout.
I will call the GRP to arrest you.
You are traveling on a train without a ticket and you are shouting at a Government officer.
This is a serious offense.
Passenger : I am not shouting sir.
I am just trying to convince you that I am not an irresponsible citizen like some other passengers whom you might have caught before.
Ticket Checker : Do not make me understand anything.
You just pay a fine of two hundred and sixty rupees.
Passenger : Why are you not understanding that I had monthly but somehow I missed it?
Ticket Checker : I will not leave you unless you pay the fine.
Passenger : I will be late for my college.
Ticket Checker : You should have thought that before traveling by train without a ticket.
Passenger : Sir;
I know very well that our Government has expenditure to maintain this rail property.
Therefore we all need to make a fair contribution by purchasing our tickets before getting onto the train.
I do have my contribution to it.
So I will not pay a fine for that penalty which I have not done.
Ticket Checker : You are very smart but do not try to be over smart then you will put yourself in big trouble.
Passenger : I will not go to college today.
Let my important class be missed and I will sit here.
Ticket Checker : Why do you not pay the fine and move away?
Passenger : There are so many other passengers, who intentionally do not buy tickets.
You catch them.
Ticket Checker : You keep your mouth shut.
(he caught another passenger without a ticket)
You leave and go fast to your college.
Passenger : Thank you very much, sir.

Conversation in English between Police & Suspect

Police : (police suspect Raju for a recent crime of theft)
You come out of your house.
Suspect : (Raju is shouting inside the room)
Who is there?
Police : I am Inspector Surya Yadav.
You come out fast.
Suspect : (he rushes outside the room)
You please come inside and have a mug of coffee.
Police : I have not come here to enjoy a coffee session with you.
You come to the police station immediately for the interrogation of the theft case.
Suspect : Me sir;
What have I done?
Police : One Scooter has been stolen from Star garage.
You are suspected of that theft.
Suspect : Sir;
I was not at the crime spot at that time.
I was sleeping at home with my wife and little son.
Police : How do you know the exact timing of theft?
I did not tell you that.
Suspect : Oh!! Know;
I just guess.
Generally theft takes place at night.
That is why;
I thought that it might happen at midnight.
Police : You see;
I have not even told you about midnight.
You know the exact time before me.
I did not know the exact timing also but you know it.
Suspect : I have guessed the timing.
It is very natural that when everybody would sleep and the location would be isolated then thieves would come to steal.
Police : I know you have too much experience.
You have been practicing it for many years.
That is why I came to you.
Suspect : No sir;
Now I am a completely changed person.
I came out of that profession long before.
I am selling snacks on the train to run our livelihood.
Police : Really;
Last time you told me that you were pulling a rickshaw when you were accused of stealing a watch.
That watch has been recovered from your washroom.
Suspect : That was the last time I had committed a crime.
After that, I resolved.
Not to do any bad work.
Police : You come fast to the police station.
Let us apply the third degree as the previous time then you will confess the truth.
Suspect : Sir;
Do you have any evidence or a witness that you are suspecting me?
Police : We will discuss it inside the police station.
You come fast with me otherwise I will forcefully take you in my custody.
Suspect : You cannot do this to me.
This is not fair.
Police : Will you teach me which is fair or not?
Suspect : I have some unlawful past reputations but that does not mean you will take me as the prime suspect for every crime.
Police : Now you are breaking the barrier of my patience.
You are forcing me to use the power of my stick.
Suspect : Do not get angry.
Let us talk inside the police station.
(he goes to the police station)
Police : (inside the interrogation room at the police station)
Tell me;
Where have you kept that scooter?
Suspect : Sir;
I am telling you repeatedly that this time I am not the culprit.
If you do not believe me then you go and search my whole house.
You ask my wife and son.
Police : Do you not feel ashamed to involve your little son in this dirty matter?
And your wife might not know about this scooter.
You have not told her.
She knows but she will not open her mouth in fear.
You might have threatened her.
Not to say anything.
Suspect : Sir;
Why do you not believe that I am a changed person?
Police : I do not believe you because a dog's tail never becomes straight and you are like that.
Suspect : Sir;
Why not search it in all the possible places where you think I might have hidden it?
Police : We do not have time to hanker after one scooter.
We also have to solve many other serious cases.
Suspect : That is why I am telling you to close this file.
This time someone else is the culprit and how will you find that unknown person?
No one has seen him.
It was not me at this time.
Police : (police gives a tight slap to Raju)
Am I a fool?
You are not going to confess by polite words.
I have to apply for a third degree.
(he is calling the constables)
Rabi and Shyam came here with the ice cubes.
Suspect : Sir;
This is just unfair to torture anyone in the name of interrogation without suitable shreds of evidence.
Police : I have not only evidence but also the eye witness.
Suspect : Evidence and witness;
What are you saying, sir?
Police : You have dropped your shirt button inside the garage and the security has seen you riding that scooter.
Suspect : That is not mine because I was not wearing a shirt.
And the security could not see the thief driving the scooter because he was sound asleep at that time.
Police : How do you know that he was in sound sleep?
Suspect : Because I was moving the scooter slowly in front of the main gate when he was sleeping.
Police : Yes;
That is the truth.
You have confessed.
There was neither any evidence nor any witness.
It was just a mind trap to force you to speak the truth about this case.
Now you talk like a good boy.
Where have you kept it?
Suspect : I sold all its parts to Salman bhai early in the morning at Howrah Choorbazar for two thousand rupees.
Police : Very well done;
Now you enjoy our hospitality here for at least two years.

Conversation in English between Father & Mother for Child's Future

Mother : Let us admit our little Shibam to an English medium school in Kolkata.
Father : Why do we admit him to an English medium school?
You and I have studied from the regional schools.
So Madhupriya;
You tell me.
Why does our son not study in a Bengali medium school?
Mother : Debasish;
At our time there were very few English medium schools but now there are many English medium schools.
Our neighbor;
Mr. and Mrs. Marliny's daughter is also admitted to a very well-reputed English medium school in the city of Kolkata.
Father : So;
Why do we follow others?
There are many good Bengali medium public schools.
We will admit our Shibam in the best public school of this locality.
Mother : No not in public school;
All my friends have their children admitted to an English medium school.
These days;
Learning and speaking English is essential.
So if we admit our child to a good English medium school then it will be great for his future.
He will be in a good environment and he will start speaking English from a very young age.
It has become the culture of modern society.
Father : We have our limitations.
We cannot run with the fast society.
Mother : If we fall short then our child has to suffer the consequences in his near future and then we will be responsible for that.
Father : If we admit our child to an English medium school then we also need to hire a private tutor for him very early because we cannot cover the whole syllabus by ourselves from classes VI and VII.
Mother : Yes;
We will do that.
Father : How will I afford that?
Do you not know my salary?
Mother : I can easily teach him till class IV.
After that, we have to hire a private teacher.
Now we need not bother about tutor fees.
Father : We have to think about the future.
Where will I arrange the money at that time?
Senior class school fees of a good school will also be higher compared to the fees of lower classes.
Mother : You will get some increment in your salary by that time and I will also find a job.
If we both start earning then we can easily manage the expenses of his study in a good English medium school.
Father : You are living your life in the imagination.
It is not certain that I will get handsome increments.
If I get increments then the cost of living will also rise due to inflation.
Mother : I told you know;
I will do a good job, to cover his educational costs.
Father : Please do not mind but I have to tell you the truth.
Finding a job is very difficult at your age.
You have completed your graduation six years back.
You are just fresher and the major problem is that companies hire freshers at the age of starting twenties.
You are twenty-seven plus.
You have not taken any professional training either.
Mother : I will join a good course and then I will search for a job.
Father : For a good course it is required to pay thirty-five thousand to forty thousand rupees.
After spending that much if you fail to find a decent job then what will happen?
Can you imagine?
The whole money will be wasted.
Mother : You do not have to arrange money for my training.
I will sell my ornament to arrange it.
Father : Have you gone crazy?
A Mad person can also understand his good but you cannot understand that.
You are so stubborn.
Mother : Yes;
I am hard-headed to get a job for my child.
Father : Let us assume that you have got a job but freshers are paid a very low salary between eight to ten thousand rupees per month.
You will work the whole day and you will return home tired and you have to go to the office in the early morning as I do.
You tell me.
How will you find time to cook and manage the home?
Who will look after our little Shibam?
Mother : We will keep a maid to look after our Shibam.
Our neighbor;
Mr. Gangully kept a whole day's maid for their daughter.
We will also keep a cook to prepare food two times a day and other times we may order from Zomato.
Father : Do you know?
How much does a cook take to cook both lunch and dinner?
It will be more than six thousand rupees per month.
A maid;
Those who stay for the whole day, take a minimum of fifteen thousand rupees per month along with three meals.
Mr. Gangulla is a government officer so he can afford it but we cannot afford it.
My whole salary will not be sufficient to pay their monthly wages.
Why do you not understand that?
Mother : I understand that but I am a mother so I am a little concerned about my child.
Father : Yes;
You are a little concerned about your child but you are more influenced by the showing off of higher class society living standards.
Mother : No Debasish;
You misunderstand me.
You decide;
What is the best for our Shibam?
Father : Shibam will study in the best public school in Konnagar.
We both will give him a good social culture.
When he grows up then we will admit him to a spoken English institute to let him speak English.
Mother : OK;
I agree with you.
You will do the best for him.

Conversation in English between Buyer and Vegetables Seller

Buyer : How are you giving these potatoes?
Seller : Which potatoes are you asking the price for?
Buyer : I am asking the price for Jyoti potatoes.
Seller : Here are three types of Jyoti potatoes available.
The best one is available at the price of 32 per KG.
Every potato is of the same size and these are round and it is clean in its appearance without any dark spots on it.
Other two types of potatoes are available at the price of 28 per KG and 20 per KG respectively.
Buyer : Are these Jyoti potatoes?
But these look very ugly and dark with too many spots and holes on each of them.
Seller : You are not going to get better potatoes in just 20 per KG anywhere else.
These potatoes may not look decent but none of them are rotten that I can assure you.
Buyer : I will take six KG of 28 wala potatoes but I will pay 20 for each KG.
Seller : Are you joking, sir?
We do not make that much profit per KG of potatoes.
I can offer you the best price at the most, 27 per KG.
Buyer : OK;
Neither you nor shall I make a loss.
Let it be 25 per KG so I shall pay you 150 for 6 KG.
Seller : You please believe me;
I have not bought it at that price.
I can offer you at my cost price which is 26 per KG because you are my first customer this morning.
Buyer : OK;
You give me six KG then.
Seller : Here is the basket to keep potatoes, you choose the potatoes or shall I choose the best ones?
Buyer : No;
Let me choose the potatoes by myself.
(he has chosen and kept the potatoes in the basket)
Weigh these potatoes for me.
Seller : (he weighted the potatoes)
It is a little over six KG and six KG four hundred grams to be exact.
Will you take it?
Buyer : No;
I will take six KG only.
Seller : (he picks some potatoes out of the weight machine)
Here are six KG of potatoes for you.
Please extend your bag towards me so that I can put these potatoes inside your bag.
Buyer : (he opens the mouth of the bag)
You give it here;
Thank you.
Tell me;
How much are you taking for the onion?
Seller : It is 20 per KG only for you.
Buyer : Make it 18 per KG and give me two KG.
Seller : No sir;
Please take two KG for 38.
Buyer : OK;
Give me two KG inside the bag.
(he opens the mouth of the bag towards the seller)
Now tell me;
What price are you taking for both the red tomatoes and green tomatoes?
Seller : Red tomatoes are 60 per KG and green tomatoes are only 40 per KG.
Buyer : Give me five hundred grams of red potatoes.
Seller : (he is weighting the tomatoes)
Extend your bag;
Buyer : (he pointed his figure tip to the tomatoes)
Change this tomato;
This one does not look fresh.
Seller : OK;
I am changing this one.
(he took one red fresh one from the lots)
Is this one satisfying you?
Buyer : Yes;
This is fresh and red.
Put it inside my bag.
Seller : What else will you take?
Say, sir;
Buyer : I will also take some ginger and garlic.
Seller : Sure sir;
Ginger is 140 per kg and garlic is 300 per KG.
Shall I give you one KG each?
Buyer : Have you gone mad?
Shall I eat only ginger and garlic curry?
Seller : Say then;
How much shall I give you?
Buyer : First you tell me that are you selling gold and silver or vegetables in the name of garlic and ginger?
Seller : Recently the prices of vegetables have risen due to flooding in most of the cultivation provinces of our Bengal.
Buyer : OK;
You give me one hundred grams of each.
Seller : Yes sir;
Here it is for you.
Buyer : Give the fresh piece of ginger.
It is too expensive.
Why are you giving me a stale one?
Seller : No sir;
I did not notice it.
I will change it right now.
Here is the freshest one for you sir.
Buyer : OK;
This one looks better.
Give it inside my bag.
(he opens the mouth of the bag and extends it)
Seller : (he puts those inside the bag)
Shall I give you a quarter KG of green beans?
Buyer : What price will you take for it?
Seller : It is just 50 for you;
Otherwise, I was selling it at 60.
Buyer : OK;
It is then 50 per KG for me.
Seller : I shall have to commit suicide.
Please do not say this;
You must be kidding with me.
Buyer : Am I your school friend to play fool around you?
Seller : No sir;
I did not mean it.
I told you that beans are just 50 per quarter KG but you thought that it is 50 per KG.
Buyer : I misunderstood it but you should not have said that to me, I am not even acquainted with you either.
Seller : Sorry sir;
Please do not mind that.
Buyer : It is OK;
I understand your emotion.
Seller : So;
What do you say about the green beans?
Shall I give it or not?
Buyer : Do not give;
It is among some of the too-costly items.
I shall buy it during the winter when the bean price will come down to some extent.
Seller : OK, sir;
Your all shopping amounts to 268 rupees only.
Buyer : OK;
Here is your money;
Please take it.

Conversation in English between Banker and Customer

Customer : Excuse me, sir;
Clerk : How may I help you?
Customer : I want to have an account at your bank.
Clerk : Which type of accounts would you want to have?
Customer : I want to have my salary account with your bank.
Clerk : I will suggest opening a savings account and that will be accepted as your salary account.
Customer : I do not mind but can you confirm that my salary will get credited to this account without any hassle?
Clerk : Certainly sir;
You are going to get many other facilities in this account also.
Customer : I do not need any other facilities.
Clerk : If you get it for free then why will you not take it?
Customer : OK;
I will have those.
Tell me what do I need to have with me for a salary account?
Clerk : Do you have an Aadhar card and also the PAN card original along with a copy of each with you?
Customer : I knew that those would be required so I brought with me along with two passport-size photos.
Clerk : Yes sir;
I was just about to ask you for two passport-size photos of recent times.
Customer : Definitely, sir;
I captured those photos this morning.
Clerk : Your documents are OK, now you may take back your original PAN and Aadhaar card.
Document verification has been done.
Take this form and fill up the blanks with your correct details and you leave those blanks which are kept for the bank officials.
Customer : Give me the form.
I shall take some time to complete it.
Clerk : Take your time and be comfortable.
Sit here and do it.
Customer : I do not have the pen with me.
Can you favor me with a pen?
Clerk : Why not sir;
(he gave me a pen)
This is all yours.
You are going to be our valued account holder and we are all like a family.
Customer : It will be my pleasure to have a family-type relationship with your bank and you.
Clerk : It is so nice of you.
After completing the form fill-up, you attach these copies of your Aadhaar and pan with the form and attach your photos in these two boxes.
Customer : I am very sorry to ask you for another favor.
Clerk : Please do not hesitate to ask, we are family.
Customer : I do not have glue with me.
Clerk : Ha ha!!
Do not be so formal.
Take it from here.
Customer : Thank you very much.
Clerk : You are always welcome.
Customer : (he completed the process)
Sir excuse me please;
I have completed filling up most of the blanks but this one is left because I could not understand it.
Clerk : I am here to help you.
Customer : There are four types of accounts under this savings account category.
Please explain these to me in brief.
Which one will be the best for me to have fulfilled all my requirements?
Clerk : Certainly sir;
This elite account will be the best for you.
Customer : Will you please explain it to me in brief?
I do not have any idea about it.
Clerk : Sir;
Do you have an account with any other bank?
Customer : No sir;
I have completed my education this year.
I did not need an account before.
Very recently, I got a job and I am told to provide my salary account number to the company by tomorrow.
Clerk : You do not have to bother.
Your account number will be generated today.
You can have it.
Customer : I have to mail the front page of the passbook.
Clerk : You will be given the passbook today.
Customer : Thank you so very much.
Clerk : Do I confirm the elite account for you?
Customer : OK;
But what is special about the elite account?
Clerk : Elite account holders will get a Visa debit card, and credit card with a limit of one lakh rupees, and account holders will be insured with an accidental life coverage of ten lakh rupees.
No charges will be applicable on transactions and no SMS charges will be deducted for this account holder.
Customer : I also need a checkbook.
Clerk : A checkbook will be provided along with the debit and credit card but those will be delivered to your current address within fifteen days because it will take some time to print your name on it.
Customer : It is just great.
Clerk : It is the most prestigious account of our bank and we are honored to give you that.
So you have to open this prestigious account with a minimum balance of one lakh rupees and you need to maintain that balance.
Customer : No;
It is just not possible.
Where shall I get so much money?
I would like to open a zero balance salary account with a checkbook and net banking facilities along with a rupay debit card.
Clerk : What are you saying?
Then why did you waste my valuable time?
Customer : I did not have any intention to waste your precious time rather you had misunderstood my requirements and financial stability.
Clerk : No;
Our bank does not open any zero-balance accounts.
Go to any other bank.
Customer : I learned from the internet about your bank and I have come to know that your bank is liable to open this zero balance salary account.
Clerk : OK;
We will open your account.
However, our bank does not provide a checkbook and debit card for this account.
Customer : You write it down on a piece of paper and sign it down with a seal of your bank.
I will confirm the rest of it.
Clerk : OK;
Wait for half an hour, it will take a minimum of half an hour to enter your details in the portal to generate your account number.
Customer : I am waiting there on the bench outside.
(he waited for half an hour and went to the clerk)
Has the process been completed?
Clerk : Yes;
Take your passbook.
Customer : What about my checkbook and rupay debit card?
Clerk : Those will be delivered to your address by postal services within two weeks.
Customer : Thank you, sir.

Conversation in English between Inviter and Invitee (Invitation for Party)

Inviter : (he visited to his friend's house)
Hello Rohit;
Invitee : What a pleasant surprise!
We met a long time back after primary school.
Inviter : I was a little afraid that you might have forgotten me.
Invitee : How could I forget you?
We were such good friends at that time.
Inviter : I am really happy that you have not forgotten me.
Invitee : I am so very much excited to see you here.
Inviter : Do you think we are going to talk here, standing at the door?
Will you not ask me to come inside?
Invitee : Please come inside;
I became so emotional to have you with me after a long time that I forgot all the formalities.
Inviter : (they both sit on a sofa in the drawing room)
You must have appeared for your board examination this year.
Invitee : Yes;
We both were reading in the same class in Sarwadha Ma primary education school till class four.
Inviter : In which school had you taken your admission for class five after completing the primary school education?
Invitee : I had been admitted to the Hindmotor High School for class five.
And you;
Inviter : I was admitted to Konnagar High School.
Invitee : Did you complete your secondary board examination from the same school?
Inviter : Yes Rohit;
You are right.
This year I have completed my board exam with you.
Have you changed your school further?
Invitee : No Rajib;
I have not changed schools.
I have appeared for my board exam from Hindmotor High School.
Inviter : You were very good at studying at that time.
You must be securing very good marks.
I know;
Invitee : No not at all;
I could not concentrate enough on my study.
Inviter : Why could you not concentrate on your study?
Invitee : I have been involved in many other activities.
I play cricket for my local club and I am also involved in some social welfare activities.
Inviter : That is great.
Invitee : You tell me.
What will you have?
Tea, coffee, or any soft drinks;
Inviter : No Rohit;
I will not have anything.
Invitee : What are you saying Rajib?
How can I leave you without having anything?
Inviter : I already had my breakfast with tea at home.
I came here to invite you to a party.
Invitee : What party are you inviting me for?
Inviter : I want to invite you to my little brother's five years birthday party.
Invitee : You also have a little brother.
That is so nice.
When will you have the birthday celebration?
Inviter : We are going to celebrate his birthday this coming Sunday at Binodbhawan in the evening time.
You have to participate with us in our celebration.
Invitee : Definitely, I will attend the party but who else is coming to that party?
Inviter : My school friends will be coming to the party.
I will introduce you to them.
Invitee : Do I know any of your school friends?
Inviter : You may not know any of them because they were reading in Konnagar High School.
You were my only friend from primary school who was invited to the party.
Invitee : OK;
It will be my pleasure to meet your senior school friends and I am very much excited to take your little brother in my lap.
Inviter : Certainly;
He will be very much pleased to go in your lap.
Invitee : Friend;
Tell me the directions to Binodbhawan.
How will I get there?
Inviter : It is a renowned station for all the big functions.
Invitee : Really;
I did hear but I have never been there.
Inviter : All renowned celebrities come to perform over there at Binodbhawan when the functions are organized.
Invitee : It is among one of the famous stations.
I understood very well but how will I get there?
You message me the location in my inbox.
Inviter : Do you know about the Konnagar Bata bus stand?
Invitee : Definitely;
So many times I got down from buses and totos to that stand.
Inviter : From the Bata stand you will get many totos and rickshaws.
Get any of those and tell them to take you to the Binodbhawan.
It is a straight way to the station and it takes five minutes by toto and ten minutes by walking.
Invitee : Ok Rajib;
I got it now.
Inviter : I sent you the location of Binodbhawan in your WhatsApp.
Check it, please.
Did you receive it or not?
Invitee : Here I received it on my WhatsApp.
Inviter : We all will be expecting you very eagerly.
Invitee : Definitely, I will go and participate with you all there but I will return early to my home.
Inviter : How can you say that?
Invitee : I have been learning fine arts after completing the exam.
Inviter : So what?
Why will you return early?
Invitee : Every Sunday my fine arts teacher comes to teach me drawing at nine 'O' clock evenings.
So I shall have to depart from the party at least one hour earlier and please do not mind that.
Inviter : You made me so very much upset.
I was expecting to spend the whole evening with one of my oldest friends.
Do you know?
I have so many memories to share with you but you have hurt me so much by saying this.
Invitee : I am very sorry but I cannot miss the class because he comes only once a week and my fine art exam is next week Wednesday.
Inviter : Now I cannot force you to stay long with us after knowing about your commitment to your exam.
Invitee : Please do not get upset.
Inviter : It is already afternoon.
I have to leave now otherwise I will be late for home.
Invitee : Please have lunch with us.
Inviter : Sorry friend, my mom will be expecting me at the table with the lunch and she will not take a single piece of rice unless I come to the table for lunch together.
I cannot keep her waiting long.
I know she is very hungry so we both will do our lunch.
Invitee : OK, then you must leave.
Definitely; I will go to the party this coming Sunday.

Conversation in English between Doctor, Phlebotomist and Patient (Multi Characters)

Patient : Doctor, May I come in?
Doctor : Tell me your name and age.
Patient : My name is Sumit Ghosh and I am 19 years old.
Doctor : Please come inside.
Have your seat.
Now tell me;
What is exactly your trouble?
Patient : I stayed awake the whole night yesterday due to a severe headache, uneasiness, and nausea.
Doctor : Did you vomit before coming here?
Patient : No;
I did not do it but since yesterday evening every time I was inclined to vomit.
Doctor : What did you eat yesterday?
Patient : I ate bread with curry for my breakfast and in the afternoon I ate rice with curry and fried potatoes.
Doctor : Where did you eat those?
Patient : Sorry doctor;
Could you please tell me what you meant?
I could not understand your question.
Doctor : Did you eat in a hotel yesterday?
Patient : No doctor;
I do my breakfast every day at home before going to my college and I carry tiffin with me and my mom cooks fresh food every day for me.
Doctor : Have you ever not had food from outside?
Patient : I ate only homemade food yesterday.
Doctor : Not only yesterday;
Did you eat before that?
Patient : I did not have any street food for at least ten days as per my remembering.
Sometimes I take some street food and college canteen food but I do not take those regularly.
Doctor : Did you get any sour smell from your tiffin?
Patient : No doctor;
I did not take notice of that but why are you asking such a question?
Doctor : I am asking because you keep it quite long inside your lunch box before having your lunch.
So it may turn stale or rotten and it is very unhealthy.
Patient : It did not test bad at all.
Only this I can tell you and I did not do other observations about my tiffin yesterday.
Doctor : OK;
You show me your eyes.
Open it as large as you can.
Good boy;
Take a long breath.
(he is checking the chest with a stethoscope)
Inhale slowly and exhale gradually.
Turn back and continue the process of intake and release of breath in the same manner as you did right now.
Patient : Doctor, what did you find?
Doctor : You;
Please hold your patience a little while longer.
Lie down on the bed.
Patient : Shall I lie here on this bed?
(he lays on the bed)
Doctor : (he is pushing the belly from different angles)
Are you feeling any pain here?
(repeating the same question while pressing different positions of the bally)
Patient : No doctor;
I do not have pain here.
Here I have a little pain.
Doctor : Get up from the bed young lad and come on the chair.
Patient : Yes doctor;
Did you find anything serious?
Doctor : Nothing serious I have found yet.
Absolutely fine;
Everything seems to be alright.
Patient : Why do I have pain in my head and belly and why do I still incline vomiting?
Doctor : It may be because of the formation of gas which resulted in an acute gastric that is being pushed up towards the head.
Patient : How has it happened doctor?
I did not eat street junk food quite often.
Doctor : Gastric does not always form because of eating street junk food rather there are many other reasons for the formation of severe gas in our body.
How long is the gap between the time of taking your breakfast and having your tiffin?
Patient : Usually I take my breakfast very early in the morning at a sharp 7 'O' clock and I have my tiffin break at college at half past one every day and I take my lunch then.
Doctor : Oh my god!
It is a long gap of six and a half hours.
That is why you have been affected badly by the formation of gas in your body.
But still, I need to be sure that you do not have an ulcer inside your belly.
Patient : Doctor, what will happen to me?
Doctor : Do not get afraid;
Young man;
Now these days every seven out of ten people suffer from mild or acute gastric problems and this is curable.
Patient : How long will it take for me to completely recover?
Doctor : I am prescribing you with some medicines and one test.
This one will be taken after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner.
This one should be taken twice a day before having your lunch and dinner.
This is syrup which is required to be taken exactly before bedtime at night.
This syrup will help you to have a sound sleep during the night without any feelings of headache.
Patient : What test are you talking about?
Doctor : One blood test will let us know if you have any infection in your stomach or not.
Patient : What are you suspecting?
Please do not hide anything from me.
Let me know the truth about the seriousness of my health.
Doctor : Do not get scared at all.
I suspect acidity and gastric problems but still, for further confirmation this test should be done.
Patient : If an infection is found in my stomach then what will happen to me?
Doctor : Nothing will happen to you at all.
You will have some extra one or two medicines and some restrictions on food habits.
If you follow it strictly then you will be completely fit by next month.
Patient : I was a little afraid because my one friend has been suffering from hepatitis for the last one and a half months.
Doctor : You should not have come alone here.
You must have taken any elderly parents with you.
Patient : Many of my friends visit doctors alone.
Their parents do not go with them.
Doctor : They are much more strong-minded compared to you.
Patient : I am a little tense because this is the first time I visited a doctor alone without my mom or dad.
Doctor : OK;
You tell me now.
Did you understand the medicine?
Patient : Yes I understood.
Doctor : Remember one thing very clearly.
Every two hours you have to eat something.
Patient : How is it possible to eat every two hours?
Doctor : Carry biscuits or toffees with you all the time.
Patient : OK doctor;
As you say I shall do that.
What is the fee?
Doctor : It is only four hundred.
Patient : Here is your fee.
Doctor : Do not forget to come with the test report.
Patient : Today only I shall go for the test and I shall visit you with the report after I get it.
Do I need to pay you the fee again when I will visit you with the test report?
Doctor : No;
Not at all;
No one has to pay anything for showing test reports.
Patient : Thank you very much, doctor;
Phlebotomist : (it is a diagnostic center)
How may I help?
Patient : (he visited a diagnostic center and he showed the prescription)
The doctor has given me a blood test and I want it to be done today.
Phlebotomist : Certainly;
It will be done right now.
Sit there in a chair and be relaxed.
You are looking quite tense.
Patient : OK dada;
I am sitting here on this bench.
Phlebotomist : (he came with a needle and injection)
Extend your arm towards me.
Patient : (he extends his arm and closes his eyes)
Here you take some blood, please.
Phlebotomist : (he tied the upper position of the arm with a rubber band and injected the needle to take blood)
Could you hold this position for two more minutes?
Patient : (blood has been taken successfully)
How much do I pay you for this test?
Phlebotomist : You pay me a hundred rupees only.
Patient : Here are your hundred rupees.
When shall I come here to receive my report?
Phlebotomist : You come tomorrow morning at half past ten after the diagnostic center opens.
It opens every day at half past ten.
Patient : Please take this hundred rupees note.
Phlebotomist : Thank you very much.
Patient : (he visited again on the next day)
Do you recognize me, I visited your center yesterday and I had my blood test.
Payment has been made also.
Phlebotomist : Tell me your name, please.
Patient : I am Sumit Ghosh.
Phlebotomist : (he searched and found the report)
Yes, I remembered;
Take your report;
Everything is fine in the report.
Patient : Thank you very much for providing me with the good news.
Phlebotomist : You are always welcome.
Patient : (he visited the doctor to show the report)
Doctor, May I come in?
Doctor : Come inside;
Tell me;
How are you?
How are your headaches and nausea?
Patient : Thank you very much, doctor.
I am feeling much better now after taking your prescribed medicines yesterday night and this morning after breakfast.
Doctor : Have you got the report?
Patient : Yes doctor;
Here it is.
(handed the report to the doctor)
Doctor : Show me the report.
(extended the arm to take the report)
Your report is perfectly all right.
No issues have been found in this report.
Patient : Thank you, doctor.
Thank you again.
Doctor : You were scared for no reason.
It was just an acute gastric.
Follow those medicines and do not stay on an empty stomach for more than three hours.
Patient : Yes doctor;
I carry biscuits with me in both my pockets.
I eat one every two hours as you said.
Thank you and I am leaving then.
Doctor : OK;
You are always welcome.